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Are you hungry for life to feel better?
Would you like to take 10 steps together
to start REALLY enjoying  life again?

If the answer is YES then I need to talk to you...
What are you going to LEARN and experience in this program?
You will shed that ever present feeling of "Over-whelm"!
If you are constantly worried about the future, unsure of every decision and paralysed by procrastination, in 12 months you won't recognise yourself!

Imagine being able to confidently map out your future, one you KNOW you are capable of realising! Relaxed in the knowledge that you are fully equipped for the journey.
The dissolving of Guilt, Grief & Despression
We don't often fully realise how heavy these three make life!

If life feels like you are wading through quicksand, then you won't believe the energy you will have reclaimed in just 10 steps!! 
Experience the fruits of FINALLY escaping the "Worry Wheel"
See the results from breaking the chains of worry.

Start truly experiencing the Joy on offer when life is no longer clouded by anxiety.
Reconnect, repair or deepen the relationships within your circle
Your circle is made up of BOTH family and work relations.

Dissatisfaction, tension and unrest in one area creates a wet blanket over all areas of your life.

This program enables you to rediscover passion at home whilst creating a culture of loyalty  and unity in the workplace.

CRAZY TALK?! - with our simple tools and mentorship, to see them used effectively, it's a done deal!

Learn the REAL joy of Leadership - Your way!!
Learn how to produce exponential results with ease by understanding how to create "Flow States".

We unpack your "Unique Gift Profile" and marry it with transformative, but simple leadership principles that empower you to create authentic change in all areas of your life.

You may not see yourself as a leader -- understanding how you can lead "Your Way" and inspire others is critical to your professional success and personal satisfaction.
Let's unpack the journey to "Unbreakable Success"...
Step 1 - Passion -- Vision - How to advance Confidently!
Understand the "Frankl Paradigm" and how it frees you from your past and enables to change the trajectory of your life in minutes.

Discover the "5 Spiritual Laws" that dissolve worry and anger. Once you understand how to use these you are immediately released from the grips of anxiety.

Develop the ability to problem solve and strategize like Elon  Musk and Jeff Bezos with just two simple concepts.
Step 2 - Learning & Applying the Art of "Possibility Thinking"
Learn the powerful "Possibility Thinking" process that will enable you form up a lazer focused vision for your future in under 30 days.

Understand why most goal setting fails - it's due to the "Emotional Frequency Factor" being overlooked.

Once you have a "Clear Intention" learn how to add the critical missing ingredient that has you experiencing immediate results.

Step 3 - Elevating towards Success
Unpack the REAL cause of your "Energy Drain" -- you'll be surprised how much this inciteful exercise uncovers!

Understand where life is out of balance & [more importantly] exactly the steps to take in order to reclaim your Joy & Satisfaction

Discover the "Ladder of Emotional Frequency" -- the most powerful life hack you will ever come across.

If you never looked at another lesson, you would have got 10 times the value of this course!!
Step 4 - The Art of becoming a Leader
There is "ONE skill" -- ONE habit that will change your life & transform you into someone that others want to follow - a TRUE Leader. You become a leader, without any striving or desiring it to be so.

How to create a "Circle of Safety" -- in 5 simple steps -- that creates a team who will go the EXTRA mile [every time!!]

Understand the 6 key elements that will create Loyalty & Reliability

Learn how to implement the formula for "Exponential Growth" -- I'm talking 10X what you thought was possible!

Step 5 - Unpacking the Success Matrix
Learn how to move from disempowered to empowered and confident in ONE simple move -- you can implement it the day of the lesson and you'll be amazed!!

Discover the critical "7 Principles of Unbreakable Success"  -- falling short of your goals is simply because you haven't learnt how to pull these 7 together.

Eliminate the experience of FAILURE in 4 simple steps -- the secret that every multiple Gold medal Olympian knows.

Step 6 - Mastery of Communication
Learn how to neutralise toxic texts and eliminate "land mine" emails that destroy relationships and mess up teams.

Clear up the dangerous confusion between circulating information and REAL communication -- get this right and you'll nail workplace culture!!

Understand the "K9 Principle" -- why your dog understands you better then your workmates -- turn this around within hours!!

PLUS -- and this is sooo important -- the 5 things you MUST know [and implement] to keep "Love Alive" in the home.
Step  7 - Eliminating the "BIG 5" that Mess you Up
Life seems complex BUT there are only 5 things that create all of our pain, suffering and angst.

There are only 5!

Guess what? -- there are 6 things that will fix each and every situation!

Yes, those sleepless, restless nights, the overwhelm and mental torture -- you can be free from it all.
Step  8 - Avoiding Overwhelm - Understanding your Tank
Understand the "REAL triggers" behind uncontrollable ANGER or spontaneous TEARS

Unpack how to identify repressed, and supressed events and learn how to PROCESS these things so that you can enjoy freedom from the constant mental torment of depression, anxiety and anger.

Clear procrastination and enjoy a lightness that comes when you start implementing the simple "Neural Reprogramming Process".
Step 9 - Stepping into your TRUE Giftedness
Did you know that you have "Innate Gifts" that you were born with?

When you discover these Gifts and understand the power of living and serving through them, it creates such a deep understand of self.

This knowledge clarifies purpose and clears any confusion around future decisions.

Once you receive your Gift Assessment and fully understand your "Unique Gift Mix" you will be hungry to know the Gifts of those around you.

Knowing the Gifts of your partner or those in your organisation helps create trust, connection and synergy.

This, in turn, leads to greater love, greater collaboration, greater profits ....exponential ANYTHING!!

Step 10 - Understanding SECRET principles to
scaling Anything!!
We take you step by step and show you how to create a culture that grows loyalty, dependability, mental resilience and the desire to go the extra mile!

You learn the "Art of Delegation" that will see you enjoy over 100% more productivity!

We debunk the old paradigms around time management that are keeping you overwhelmed and anxious and introduce a "simple system" that  frees up an extra 10 hours a week!

Once you start implementing "The Power of Six" in your workplace you will see how you can scale to a workforce of 1000's whilst having double the holidays you take NOW.
THE 12 month JOURNEY- together we do until...
You have 12 months to step through this program at your pace BUT... with us...

- Keeping you accountable

- Helping you apply everything you learn and giving you support "real time" to make that learning have a REAL impact.

- plugging you into our "success tribe" -- people who were right where you are. Maybe lower and more desperate!

They are now a huge part of the amazing environment that becomes your regular refuge, when life is pulling you in a million directions.

This becomes a "return to centre" and "refill of your cup" that equips you to handle whatever life is dishing up this fortnight.
"When you team a simple, battle tested program with 12 months of personal support, success is inevitable!"  
What You Get:
10 Inciteful Recorded Lessons  
Worksheets & Course Material
12 months of Live fortnightly Calls
Innate Gift Assessment - Unpack of your "Genius Zones"
Neural Re-porgramming Blueprint
Tools to Deepen Relationship s - Personal & Professional
A clear STRATEGIC path towards goals and dreams
Tools and strategies to build great businesses or create a brilliant CAREER!
Hacks to improve communication - build loyalty & trust with EASE!
Total Package Value - $13 690
Full Program Normally - $9 000
YOUR PRICE- $2, 790
What could you achieve with a proven program and 12 months accountability to see that you actually apply it to your life?
Here's what people are saying about the program...

As someone heading up a multi-million dollar enterprise, I outwardly appeared confident - however inwardly, I always feared something bad was about to happen. After The Unbreakable Success Matrix, I felt so much lighter - with the knowing that I now have the tools and ability to handle anything that comes my way. I’ve discovered how to be a heart-based leader - and feel real confidence both outwardly and inwardly.

 A truly amazin - if you want to change both your personal and working life - it’s a must!

Founder and General Manager
RGM Maintenance

As a result of attending the TopCatz Unbreakable Matrix Course, my business and personal life began to shift in tremendous and positive ways. My vision for my 5 Year Plan began to manifest within weeks through my mindset and the principals I learnt and applied.

Knowing my Natural Gifts has been instrumental in understanding my true value that I deliver to the world and doing this with ease and flow in my life.

Both Juliane and Trevor deeply understand their vision and content and deliver the program with such authenticity and care that you really become part of their 'business family'.

Founder and CEO

At a real crossroads in our lives professionally, we got some great tools to help us move forward. Whilst this will help us become better leaders in our future roles, the real gold is that we have been set up to be better partners for each other and better parents in the future.

Managers - JJC Pastoral Company

I have floated through life unconsciously allowing my ego and fear to rule my choices and me. The rules and beliefs I had created in my head over the years were my truths. All this caused me lots of pain and suffering and cost me lots of money to maintain my health. That was until I met Juliane, Trevor and The Unbreakable Success Matrix! Life is so much freer!
School Principal / Entrepreneur 

“Trevor has a fierce love for people, is a master communicator and has an incredible head for business. This combination makes him invaluable to any business owner wanting to kick some big goals professionally and personally.”

Managing Director - Irripro

We all have people with whom we are able to download. But few have someone who can provide wise council. Trevor has the ability to cut through all the crap and bring you to new realisations that breath new life into you and your business.

Artist/ Entrepreneur 
As such we offer a 6 months guarantee!!
‘We pour our time, love and expertise into empowering you and if you feel that you aren't seeing the changes we promised, you get your money back!
JUST $2,790
Are there any burning questions that stand between you and taking the first step towards Unbreakable Success?
Here's what most people needed to know before they "knew that they knew" this was the program they had been searching for.
Divider Text
You have lifetime access to this content! We know you are busy and for you to actually complete these steps they have to fit in the "pockets" of your life.

But... we also know that to complete the steps and do the work necessary you need a tribe to keep you accountable. Thus the live fortnightly sessions to cheer you on, consolidate your learning and provide another layer of rich teaching to the program.
This program combines the flexibility of "self paced", to see that this isn't "just another commitment" that contributes to your overwhelm, with regular fortnightly "Mastermind Accountability Calls" to ensure that you get a "bite-sized" piece of content that gets you focused and keen to take the next step in your journey.

These sessions aren't a huge time commitment but they do create structure, keep the program "front of mind" and create accountability.

Our mantra is "we do until..." this is not a static program as we know one size never fits everyone. Whilst the recorded lessons ensure you get the fundamentals, the live calls enable us to dig in with you to see you create your own, unique Unbreakable Success Matrix.

We have sooo much lived wisdom to impart but in truth, "no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care". This program has caring at its centre!!

Absolutely!! These calls are recorded and you are sent a direct link to re-listen.

They are all archived in the membership website and you can download them onto your preferred listening device.

We find that these sessions are so impactful that even those who come on live then go and download to create a learning library that they can access at any time.