We all have people with whom we are able to download. But few have someone who can provide wise council. Trevor has the ability to cut through all the crap and bring you to new realisations that breath new life into you and your business.
Artist  - Business Owner
Trevor Farmer [At a glance]

Having run a highly profitable Veterinary practice for 14 years in North Queensland, and realising that the stress of working 60 hour weeks to maintain the business was affecting his ability to see his children grow up, Trevor sold the practice, retired, and built a series of sales distribution networks that gave him both time with his family and a six figure income.

For more than 30 years, Trevor has studied the principles of ‘Unbreakable Success’ and introspective leadership through various avenues, and has successfully coached others - including world-champion athletes, start-up businesses and people with severe medical impairments, through his transformational mentoring.

The culmination of this work resulted in co-founding a transformational 2 day program ‘The Unbreakable Success Matrix’ with his business partner Juliane and helping organisations to address people performance and culture in the workplace.