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We know - that when people
THINK better, they
FEEL better
PERFORM better and ultimately
It's about leaders developing leaders by people who understand people!
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Topcatz understand that it is the people in your business that drive business performance. We also know how challenging it can be when you are dealing with people who have a lifetime of experiences, family issues, health issues, anger issues and other personal or work related problems that you don't know about.

Topcatz deliver a very unique 2 day program that provides powerful tools and strategies for enhanced person based leadership and communication, improved performance and growth potential.

Supported by professional consulting and mentoring, Topcatz have proven that success with less stress, working hours and more peace of mind, is available for all business owners, and those who are responsible for the people and culture of an organisation.

Avoid getting caught in the downward spiral and find out how Topcatz can support you and your business today.

Tony Pantall
Co-founder Pantall Distributions
As a Strategist, Marketer, Business Developer, and Visionary - I know how important it is to function from the top rungs of the ladder. The businesses I work with, and the people in these organisations depend on it. That’s why I am constantly ensuring I work with the best of the best on myself, to ensure I am operating in my genius, worlds apart from my competitors.

After working with Juliane and Trevor, I am feeling the freest I’ve felt in a long time. There are things happening in my life and in my business that I can only describe as miraculous.
 Topcatz Founders Trevor Farmer and Juliane Cowan have spent a lifetime studying the sciences and proven strategies that not only improve how a person feels, but their ability to live a physically and mentally healthier life. Their unique Unbreakable Success Matrix workshop is based on solid scientific fact and proven performance. In other words - results - that speak for themselves!

We believe you have the right to live a happy, personally fulfilling life and to be part of a flourishing business! We see it happen every day- and we can show you how. Give us a call!